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One of the Most Gorgeous Historic Homes in East Nashville.

We love this East Nashville beauty. Smart design has given new life with modern features inside. Talk to us about how to marry new and old in a way that fits your family and lifestyle.

Please read the entire article at Style Blueprint here.

"Standing tall next to East Nashville’s East Park, this home has lived through the fire of 1916 and the tornadoes of 1933 and 1998 — not to mention urban renewal and tasteless renovations. “The home is one of the few examples of Victorian architecture in Nashville,” Tyler LeMarinel of Allard Ward Architects explains. As the story goes, the Dutch Renaissance home was built in 1876 by the Bush family, who owned one of Nashville’s major brickyards. “It has more ornate brick and stonework than any other example in the neighborhood,” Tyler points out."

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